Why does it burn longer?

The creation of B&B Charcoal products starts with live wood, while the wood is still green. Rather than the more common dead, dried wood method. Starting with a higher moisture content means the charcoal produced is denser and as such burns longer with a more concentrated heat.

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Started using the B&B wood from academy’s a few weeks ago and am very pleased with it. Always consistent, which is key in smoking. Trying the briquets today, and so far they’ve been going 21/2 hours solid in a barrel cooker. Excellent products.

~ Edgardo Rodriguez Perez ~

April 29,2018 | Texas | Five Star Face Book Review

This charcoal burns hot and long. We just had a campout this weekend in Sulphur Springs, TX. The outside temperature dropped but we still had a BBQ. We used the 20 lb. brown oak bag and wow. 3 hours later, it was still hot. Burns very clean with very little smoke. I won’t use anything else.

~ Pam Valderaz ~

November 12 2017 | Texas | Five Star Face Book Review

I decided to try B&B Charcoal briquettes.   So glad I did.  They hold heat longer and burn great which means less charcoal used per cook.  I have smoked a pork butt on a Weber kettle with only using 40 briquettes.   A FULL 9 hours of cooking and no chemical taste like I get with Kingsford Blue Bag or Royal Oak.   Tonight I used 12 briquettes to smoke burgers.  Two rounds with the same fire, they turned out amazing.  The next true test will be with a whole chicken.  I always make a great bird but the skin typically takes on a horrific flavor.  I am very impressed with this product and I will be purchasing this from now on.  Thanks to the folks at B&B for making a product that is leaps and bounds above the rest.

~ Joe Flanary ~

May 5, 2018 | Indiana | 5 stars Facebook Review

It’s all I use.  The best product for grilling and smoking that is on the market, hands down the best.

~ Damien Nabors ~

May 8 2018 | Lousiana | Five Star Facebook Review