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This Ain’t Your Dad’s Charcoal…But It Should Be

Growing up, my backyard grilling experience was much like yours, I’m sure. Any outdoor cooking which took place was done by my dad, mainly in the summer with a limited menu of hamburgers and hotdogs. When it came to seasoning the burgers, the ole standby of salt and pepper was readily used by this backyard chef with the least expensive charcoal on the least expensive grill. If you’re reading this then you know a lot has changed when it comes to the backyard grilling experience. You still don’t need the most expensive grills out there, but when it comes to the heat source, there’s a whole new world for the cul-de-sac grill master.

With B&B Charcoal products, you can be assured of not only a hotter and longer burn, but a cleaner one as well. Keep in mind what you cook with winds up on your food. This is why you want not just a clean cooking surface but a clean heat source as well. With B&B this is exactly what you get. So here is a quick description of each of your grilling choices, each 100% natural.

BB Briquettes


Perhaps the most popular of all the products on the grilling market for the cul-de-sac grill master are the charcoal briquettes, and with B&B it’s no different. What a lot of backyard grillers enjoy about the B&B Charcoal briquette is the even heat distribution and the long lasting burn. In turn this helps you save money because you don’t have to use as much as your dad did when you were a kid.


B&B Lump Charcoal

If you are looking for more of a wood smoke flavor, then lump charcoal is the way to go. Being 100% hickory, oak and mesquite wood, this gives you the best of both worlds of charcoal and wood as your food soaks up the flavors. Keep in mind B&B is all natural so when your steaks, or even your longer cooks like brisket, are being kissed by the smoke there are no harmful chemicals going into your family’s food.

Char Logs

B&B Char Logs

This is something a little new for the family grill master to consider when choosing the fire source, but worth the consideration. Used alone or in conjunction with B&B kiln dried wood, char-logs helps extend your cook by providing a slower burn but just as hot as wood. Hearty enough to be used alone, char-logs are a great supplement for the longer cooks, especially when the wood flavor and smoke is no longer needed.


So the next time you grab a bag of B&B Charcoal for your upcoming family reunion or tailgating party, you can be assured of the quality of a hotter, longer and cleaner burning charcoal. Because B&B Charcoal ain’t your dad’s charcoal, but it should be.

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