Vic Clevenger

BBQ Personality
Chimney Cartel

Kissimmee, FL

When you boil it down, Vic is just a talker who loves to cook outside. He tours the country not only as a comedian but as a BBQ’er spreading his philosophy of, “if you ain’t having fun, then why do it.”

He goes into a cookin’ competition the same way he heads into a comedy show, seeking to make a connection. This is why Vic won’t be tucked away in some prep area but rather trimming his brisket out where people can stop by for a visit. The reason for this as he says is, “How can I show them how much fun this is and how much fun I’m having if I’m not where the laughter is.” Just like drawing on the energy of a great crowd at a show, Vic gets excited to show others how much fun this BBQ life is.

When he isn’t crisscrossing the nation doing stand-up, you can find him cooking and sharing his BBQ philosophy to all who will listen which Vic says, “It’s easy to get them to listen when you feed them free BBQ.”

Favorite Product

Kiln Dried Cooking Woods

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