Shawna Roppolo

RI Cook Team

Shreveport, Louisiana

As an award-winning ribeye cook, Shawna Roppolo is leading by example in her mission to get more female cookers involved in steak cooking competitions.

The pitmaster has been named “Female Cooker of the Year” twice by the Steak Cookoff Association and has successfully worked through many challenges in her three-year competitive cooking career.

Shawna started cooking competitively in 2015 after filling in for her father who became ill. She took ninth place in her first cookoff in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was hooked.

Since then, she has continued to rack up honors and respect. Every win is exciting.

While many competitive steak cookers are men, Shawna wants more women involved. She even created two social media hashtags to promote her mission: #girlgrillersrgrate and #sillyboyssteaksareforgirls.

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