Robert Jacob Lerma

Robert Jacob Lerma Photography

Austin, TX

Robert's love for Texas BBQ began when he first visited Austin in 2005. He still remembers his first bite of great brisket at Louie Muller.

While his family is from South Texas, Robert grew up in California. During that initial trip, he embarked on a BBQ journey through Austin, Taylor and Lockhart. Almost immediately, Robert became enamored with the subject matter. From that point, he was hooked and moved to Austin in the summer of 2008.

Robert’s interests include food (particularly BBQ), portraiture, and landscapes. He previously served on the Foodways Texas Advisory Board as President and continue to support the organization as a Board Member. When not working in photography, Robert operates an inpatient psychiatric hospital in downtown Austin, as Chief Executive Officer.

Favorite Product

Kiln Dried Cooking Woods

B&B Charcoal provide a variety of kiln dried woods including post oak, hickory, mesquite, pecan, apple, cherry, and maple. They make wonderful hardwood fires for cooking in a wide range of methods, from hot grilling to smoker off-set fire boxes.