Moe Cason

BBQ Personality
Moe Cason BBQ

Des Moines, Iowa

Moe Cason is a popular BBQ pit master and the head of Ponderous BBQ. He's appeared on TV shows such as The Steve Harvey Show, Harry Connick's show "Harry," and Destination Pitmaster's and BBQ Pit Wars.

Moe Cason was born, raised and corn fed in Des Moines, Iowa. A self-taught pitmaster, Moe turned a part-time hobby into a way of life. He started with using ingredients passed down from his Grandmother Margaret Cason’s recipes.

He is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, where he served on the USS Missouri, an Iowa class Battleship (coincidentally named the “Big Mo”), which is now stationed at Pearl Harbor as a museum ship.

Moe has appeared on numerous local and national talk and food shows, and competed in over 250 contests across the United States, winning multiple awards.

This self-taught pitmaster started Ponderosa Barbeque in De Moines. Whether you spot him on nationally syndicated television shows or find him in his backyard, you’ll be sure that there’s a few tasty meats on the smoker when Moe’s cooking.

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