Matthew Staunton

Smoking Coals Barbecue

Sydney, Australia

Matthew Staunton’s love affair with barbecue started just like his preferred cooking method: low and slow.

He always loved cooking from a young age, but the barbecue he enjoyed while growing up — like family roasts cooked on a Weber Kettle or chicken grilled directly over charcoal — had little in common with his true love: slow-smoked BBQ.

It wasn’t until five years ago that the “barbecuer extraordinaire” discovered the low-and-slow barbecue technique. Soon his addiction was born. He helped create the Smoking Coals Barbecue team a few years after that and hasn’t looked back since.

For Matthew, barbecue has become an important part of his life. It’s about friends, constant learning and helping guide others who are just getting started on their own wood-fired journey

Favorite Product

Natural Lump Charcoal

B&B Charcoal produces a range of lump charcoal including mesquite, oak and hickory. The unique production process creates a long, hot burning lump charcoal.