Kendal Adair

Smoked and Spiced

Memphis, TN

Kendal Adair grew to love cooking at a very young age and that joy continued to weave itself into the fabric of his life into adulthood. As a kid, Kendal would walk around the house repeating the catchphrase used by the host of his favorite TV show, Emeril Lagasse: “Bam!” He’s just as enthusiastic about food now that he’s grown up.

That early love for cooking drew out something special that helped shaped the young man he is today. Kendal is hooked on food, cooking and competition. In adolescence, Kendal entered the competition cooking scene, winning second place in the Chicken category at his first event. Later that year he requested a wok for Christmas. His family was eating Chinese food for a month.

In recent years, Kendal has served as Head Rib Pitmaster for the heralded Boar’s Night Out Championship BBQ team and given back by taking part in numerous fundraisers and eight deployments with the Operation BBQ Relief disaster relief organization.

Now, Kendal is a father and that has also shaped his life. He and his fiance teamed up recently to form the Smoked N Spiced competition team. Now Kendal and his family hit the circuit together.

Favorite Product

Oak Charcoal Briquettes

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