Kathy Pullin

Pullin Premium BBQ

San Antonio, TX

Kathy Pullin puts a bit of herself in everything she cooks. With lots of love and some sass too.

Her BBQ draws inspiration from the places Kathy has lived, from the East Coast to Kansas to Texas. After moving to the Lone Star State in 2002, Kathy started coming into her own. Her personal BBQ journey started small, but has only grown over the years. The flavors she has developed over her life come from the heart. She puts passion and experience in every bite.

Word of Kathy’s cuisine has spread far and wide. Maybe you’ve seen her on TV locally in San Antonio on her “Grillin’ with Kathy!” news segments or nationally on the Food Network. Since stepping out on the public barbecue stage at her first competition during the American Royal World Series of Barbecue Open in 1994, Kathy has worked to be her true self and serve the best food possible.

Her Pullin Premium BBQ provides catering services to Texas and surrounding states. Since starting that business in 2011, Kathy has brought the Texas BBQ experience to happy customers all over the region.

Favorite Product

Oak Charcoal Briquettes

B&B Charcoal briquettes are made with no chemical additives, no fillers and are 100% natural lump charcoal. They burn clean, consistent, and hot for all your barbecue needs.