Jay Durbin

Grillmaster/ Food Photographer
Tennessee MOJO

Selmer, TN

Jay Durbin has always felt at home in the kitchen. He even considered attending Johnson and Wales Culinary School after high school, but life took him in a different direction.

Jay is a husband, father, and lineman who works a 40 hour + a week job. He uses cooking and food photography as his stress reliever. Along with his wife, Jamie, Jay started competing in BBQ competitions in 2013 as a way of spending time together and getting away on the weekends.

Their hobby has morphed into a growing business and social media platform. He has learned everything he knows about cooking and photography from great friends, the internet, and through lots of trial and error.

Favorite Product

Natural Lump Charcoal

B&B Charcoal produces a range of lump charcoal including mesquite, oak and hickory. The unique production process creates a long, hot burning lump charcoal.