James Cruse

Stockyard Landing

Arabi, LA

James has been barbecuing for over half of his life. After watching his Uncle Ronnie for years on the smoker during holiday's, his uncle gave him a rib lesson 21 years ago and has never looked back.

He got into competitive barbecue 12 years ago with his cousin Matthew, and has since won numerous Grand Championships and hundreds of other awards. He is currently the head cook for Stockyard Landing (new team name in honor of the history of his home team), Aporkalypse Now – NOLA (Hogs For The Cause), and Bluff City Smokers (Memphis In May). He is also a BCA (Barbecue Competitors Alliance www.bcabbq.org) competitor, and competition class instructor.

Favorite Product

Oak Charcoal Briquettes

B&B Charcoal briquettes are made with no chemical additives, no fillers and are 100% natural lump charcoal. They burn clean, consistent, and hot for all your barbecue needs.