Hondo Hernandez

Showoff BBQ

Salinas, CA

After competing in California for only a year and a half, Hondo has climbed the social ranks of the BBQ scene in California, winning a few Championships and more than a couple first place finishes.

A monumental moment for Hondo was being able to walk the stage at the American Royal in 2017. He was blessed to be a small part of a great team from Texas in his rookie season, which included Ernest Servantes, Fred Robles, Carlo Casanova, and Jay Tinney. The experience with those pitmasters showed Hondo that the sky was the limit as long as he never stopped learning. Utilizing all of their different techniques and putting his own spin to it has propelled his success on the West Coast.

His passion for cooking is what fuels the fire inside of him to better himself and master his craft. And as long as B&B fuels the rest of my BBQ Journey…anything is possible.



Favorite Product

Oak Charcoal Briquettes

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