Daren Proctor

Pitmaster | BBQ Photographer
dp Photography

Hughesville, MD

Daren Proctor is a native of Southern Maryland who is always cooking for family and friends. He purchased his first Big Green Egg in early 2003 and has been cooking on it ever since.

While cooking with the Egg he met many people at events, such as Eggfest, that he would soon work with in the future. One of those people being Jennifer Adams. In 2014 Jennifer introduced Daren to Chris Capell the owner of Dizzy Pig. He took pictures for Chris and attended all of his classes. While doing so he gained even more knowledge about BBQ and was soon asked by Chris to come to a competition with himself and the rest of the team. Shortly after they won the competition he was asked to permanently join the team which he gladly accepted.

With the Dizzy Pig team they won numerous awards and had many enjoyable moments. Daren then started to work for Flame boss and Smokeware by helping to promote their products at events he attends. Daren even worked for BAC Sales for a year, going to BBQ events and cooking to help sell BGE’s at the events. Daren also loves to bring his daughter Kaitlyn when he can because she also loves helping the team. Kaitlyn and her father, after a few years of competitions, decided to become KCBS judges to expand their expertise in BBQ.

Favorite Product

Natural Lump Charcoal

B&B Charcoal produces a range of lump charcoal including mesquite, oak and hickory. The unique production process creates a long, hot burning lump charcoal.