Chef Hiram Quintana

The Lions Den

Tamaqua, PA

A traditionally French-trained culinary chef and food styling artist in the greater Philadelphia area, Chef Hiram has crossed from the culinary world into the BBQ world.

With over 25 years of experience and practice, Hiram has been able to perfect and execute over 20 world cuisines. He specializes in fusion cooking, as a way to  introduce new flavor profiles to traditional dishes. Trained under amazing chefs, he worked his way up the ranks. Hiram become an Executive Chef at the young age of 22, and he’s never looked back over 20 years learning!

Over the past few years, since 2016, Hiram has ventured off into the private chef sector. He covers various states, in both catering with Lions Den Catering and in competition (SCA, KCBS, WFC CFC NEBS.) #TeamGW …. over the span crossing into both the kitchen and BBQ arenas.

Favorite Product

Natural Lump Charcoal

B&B Charcoal produces a range of lump charcoal including mesquite, oak and hickory. The unique production process creates a long, hot burning lump charcoal.