Boomerang BBQ

Competition Team
Matt and Sarah Walker

Lubbock, TX

Boomerang BBQ aims to make food so good that people will always want to swing back around for more, just like a Boomerang.

When Matt and Sarah Walker first teamed up to compete as Boomerang BBQ in 2016, they knew they’d soon be on the road every weekend in order to succeed on the circuit. What they didn’t know is how soon the victories would begin rolling in.

From the beginning, Boomerang BBQ has always aimed to reach the top of the ranks. They call it “all or nothing” barbecue.

The family is a true partnership with Matt focusing on the meat categories while Sarah gives her all at desserts and other auxiliaries. It’s a winning combination — literally.

The team has picked up a number of grand and reserve grand championships at competitions all around and have worked their way up the ranks in the Kansas City Barbeque Society.

All the while, they have a blast — win or not.

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