Boars Night Out

Eric Hodson, and
Allen Smith

Memphis, TN

Boars Night Out started in early 2006 as a group of single guys that were all recently divorced. Throughout 2006 they were known as the team that liked to cook and a team that could definitely throw a Championship-level party!

2007-2009 were maturing years for the team. They picked up some 1st place trophies, mostly in the dessert category. The party was still the focus of the team, and they started to realize that something had to change, that is when the team made the decision to shift their focus to becoming world class contributors to the BBQ industry.

​In 2010, the transition started from a party team to a championship team. They knew to compete at the highest level, a larger cooker was needed. A wish list started and the construction began of a new customized trailer. The only thing ordered for this trailer was the axles. The 37-foot gooseneck trailer was truly custom-built from the ground up, incorporating ideas and suggestions from team members and respected cooks and friends in the barbecue community.

​Our prosperity and accomplishments started taking shape. 2012 was the year that our focus and hard work finally paid off. Our team had matured and our attention to the smallest detail was scrutinized. We were totally focused and our intent was to win against against all competitors and to become the MBN Team of the Year!

Favorite Product

Oak Charcoal Briquettes

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