Brian and Penney
BBQ Competition Team
Clermont, FL

Brian and Penney, both born and raised Floridians, have always respected and enjoyed good old southern BBQ since a young age. It’s always been a staple in their homes.

Brian is the Pitmaster of Smokin’ Chaos BBQ and has always had the passion of cooking and bringing those he loves together with his bbq. After having an opportunity to compete with a friend’s bbq team, he quickly got the bbq fever and talked his wife into forming a team of their own. They began taking bbq classes, making bbq friends and learning skills and secrets from the best Pitmasters out there…. Learning that winning only comes secondary to the camaraderie and since of family you have competing, especially in the Florida BBQ Association and the Kansas City BBQ Association.

Brian and Penney love to spread their joy and passion of bbq through other avenues by giving back and supporting their community and local businesses. You can often find them cooking and donating time and bbq for nonprofit charities in their area. They have also proudly partnered with their local Ace hardware by doing cooking and product demonstrations to help educate and peak the interests of those in their community.

Smokin’ Chaos started out competing with a Pitmaker safe and a Stumps baby but as time went on and the bbq addiction grew so did their smoker collection. Fast Eddy’s, Traeger’s, Yoder, Deep South’s and now even a Gateway drum has found their way onto the Smokin’ Chaos Competition arsenal. They love to keep the Chaos alive with switching up their smokers from time to time. Brian feels the need to be proficient on just about every style smoker out there and constantly loves to be challenged.

Brisket and St. Louis style ribs are certainly competition favorites of Smokin’ Chaos but at home their PK Grill is constantly being used to create delicious dinners consisting of steaks, burgers, chicken, tri-tips and pork loins just to name a few. To them their is nothing better then the sweet kiss of charcoal on a home cooked meal.


Smokin’ Chaos is still working hard on reaching many of their bbq goals but one of their most memorable and exciting accomplishments was winning first place back to back in the brisket category. On their very first KCBS contest they won first place brisket and then again two weeks later in Madeira Beach, Florida they received their second first place brisket call… Barely missing a perfect brisket score at both contests by the narrowest of margins. Another most recent achievement was acquired in November 2018 in Daytona Beach, Florida where they won with a perfect scoring Rib. Smokin’ Chaos has the potential to accomplish so much more and this bbq season they are hoping to prove it even further.