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B&B Charcoal Articles

B&B Charcoal becomes the Official Charcoal of the IBCA

“They’ve been a really good group for us,” B&B Charcoal Sales and Marketing Director Joey Machado said about the IBCA on a recent episode of The BBQ Central Show. “That’s where I got my cooking start. And I love that group to death.” The IBCA was founded 30...

B&B is the Official Charcoal of the Steak Cookoff Association

We are proud to be the Official Charcoal of the Steak Cookoff Association. There’s many reasons why top steak cooking competitors prefer using all-natural Better Burning charcoal and wood products — they cook hotter, longer and cleaner. “B&B Charcoal is made for competition,” said Joey Machado, sales and...

Charcoal chimney becomes a makeshift grill

That’s the situation the Cookin’ Comedian Vic Clevenger found himself in when visiting Seattle recently for Grillfest Northwest. Vic was there to emcee the event, so he didn’t haul a grill from his home of Florida to Washington. But it wasn’t long after the event started that the...

What is BBQ in Australia?

Barbecue culture in Australia in the last 5 years has seen a huge change, Australia has fallen in love with American style barbecue and the art of low and slow. More and more Aussies are opting for flavour over sleep, spending endless hours tending to their fires. It wasn’t too long...

Charcoal vs Lump

Briquette Charcoal – This product is uniform and burns evenly and consistently making it a great choice for smokers and precise cooking when you want to remove some variables and know what to expect. Examples of this may be counting out the number of briquettes into a smoker,...


B&B Charcoal was featured in Aaron Franklin and Jordan Mackay's book called, "Franklin Steak"

“Some really great all-natural charcoal briquettes are out there. B&B charcoal, based in Texas, makes some of the best around. ” – Aaron Franklin and Jordan Mackay


B&B Charcoal stands behind the fact that its customers are the most important component of the business. Not only are we a business, we are family and we love to hear from our customers their story and where they came from. Take a look at their stories!

Sweetwater Smokehouse Carlos Leach

Sweetwater Smokehouse, owned and operated by Carlos Leach, is a mobile food trailer specializing in smoked meats and homemade sides. Sweetwater Smokehouse is based out of Bogue Chitto, Mississippi in a small area known to locals as Sweetwater. The name for his food trailer and catering service came from the old Sweetwater Schoolhouse that burned down and Sweetwater hill, which he lives near.
Carlos was raised by his mother and grandmother in Central Mississippi. He gained his passion for cooking good food and serving others from his grandmother. She taught him how to cook and make an enjoyable meal. This love combined with a dream, and a very supportive wife Tammy, helped him transform his ideas into a growing business.

M. Clancy's

M. Clancy’s is a family owned and operated restaurant serving BBQ and pub fare. The owners, Matt and Liz Clancy, moved to the small town of Rosebud, Missouri in 2006. Originally serving pub food, the Clancy’s decided to rework their business in early 2019, transitioning from pub food to more BBQ items, while keeping some of the more popular pub fare.
With the help of B&B Charcoal products and some family recipes, such as Matt’s mom’s delicious potato salad or his dad’s Seasoned Smoked Wings, Matt and Liz created a menu full of options for each person that walks through their door. From burgers and chicken sandwiches, to mouth-watering Baby Back Ribs, Pulled Pork, USDA Prime Brisket and USDA Prime Ribeye Steaks, there is something for everyone at M. Clancy’s.