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‘Barbecue Phenom’ Ty Machado Featured In Thrillist

Author Dan Gentile recently profiled Ty Machado for Thrillist. In the feature article, Dan tells the story of how he met the teenage pitmaster and B&B Charcoal ambassador last year at the 2017 Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest. Brad Orrison from The Shed introduced the two, and since then Dan has seen Ty's continual growth as a cook and as a person. The author even got a chance to taste Ty's masterfully made backyard ribeye steak, which

How is Charcoal Made?

When you think of charcoal, it probably brings up many fond memories. It conjures images of those crinkly bags at the store, backyard BBQs and great times spent with the barbecue family. It elicits memories of the Fourth of July and Little League baseball games. The associations are numerous. Any barbecue lover has probably cooked with charcoal, after all. But what is charcoal? Let’s start with what charcoal isn’t. Despite the name, charcoal isn’t the same as coal — the

Cook Like A Champion With Competition Char-Logs

Champion cooks and backyard grillers alike proclaim their love for B&B Competition Char-Logs, a hollow, log-shaped charcoal product that’s popular for its long, uniform shape and ability to hold in tons of heat. Between the char-logs, briquettes, and lump charcoal, B&B Charcoal has you covered for your next BBQ. All B&B Charcoal products burn great, but the different sizes and shapes let you control the amount of heat coming off your grill or pit. B&B ambassador Junior Urias cooks with

What is kiln-dried wood?

At B&B, the goal is always perfection. Wood preferences swing between those selected for flavor — from post oak and hickory to fruitwoods — to the degree to which the wood has been cured, or seasoned. And no question choosing the right wood for the situation is important. Green wood is full of water and will pump out billowing smoke, burning slow with low heat production. Wood that has been air cured in dry conditions reduces that moisture content and

What is pinon wood?

Pinon wood is derived from the pinon pine tree native to the Southwest United States and Mexico, especially along the Colorado Plateau in Arizona. For the festive, a log of pinon wood crisply burning in the fireplace on Thanksgiving or Christmas brings about the best in holiday cheer.  Pinon wood should never be used for cooking or BBQ smoke. While it’s an efficient heat source, clean-burning and with a high BTU rating, it carries a natural turpentine not suited for food. For

How to Smoke the Perfect Brisket

Before you smoke, prepare your brisket properly. Trim away the excess fat and square the ends for a good foundation to apply the rub. Spray the brisket with a little oil to allow the rub to adhere well. Slicing against the grain of brisket will give you tender slices. Moe Cason's favorite tip to make sure you know you're slicing against the grain once the brisket is smoked is to score the back end of the flap against the grain. When

B&B Fuels Fires at Texas Monthly BBQ Fest

The 2018 Texas Monthly BBQ Fest brought together 30 restaurants from around the state in a culinary celebration of barbecue. Texas BBQ joints are known for drawing big lines and this year’s Texas Monthly BBQ festival on Sunday in Austin, Texas, was no exception. Fans of the food happily hopped from line to line to taste the tremendous variety of offerings like brisket, ribs, pork steak, and Southern desserts. It was a gauntlet of BBQ goodness. B&B Charcoal fuels the fires

Benefits of Wood Pellets

Wood pellets impart delicious, subtle wood smoke flavor and are easy to use -- some even contend that wood pellet grills and smokers offer the most consistent and hassle-free BBQ experience. Wood pellets, such as B&B’s food-grade wood pellet products, yield consistent results, whether your BBQ approach calls for fast and hot or slow and low. Most wood pellet grills and smokers automatically monitor temperature and add pellets as necessary to maintain a consistent heat, taking some of the guesswork

#BBCHARCOAL: Social Media Shout-Outs

Here are some photos recently shared to social media with the #bbcharcoal hashtag. Use #bbcharcoal on your posts to share your own live-fire fun. You could be featured right here on this blog or on our social channels. Search the hashtag on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to explore the myriad ways you can use the Better Burning charcoal. Don't forget to follow @bbcharcoal on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Darryl Tracy - Deluxe BBQ (@deluxe_bbq) Deluxe BBQ's pineapple-topped pork ribs were

B&B Seasonings and Sauces Will Spice Up Your BBQ

The line of B&B Charcoal BBQ rubs and BBQ sauces are available on the shelves at Academy Sports + Outdoors and on their website at There’s a taste for every palate. Your food will transform when you pair your perfectly seasoned barbecue with some B&B charcoal or B&B cooking wood. The B&B Charcoal BBQ sauces come in two varieties: Texas Classic Traditional BBQ Sauce and the Texas Sweet Heat. Both sauces taste great, but for those who like a