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Hard work pays off for Junior Urias

Junior Urias has carved out a special place among the top stars in the BBQ business, including being crowned champ of Texas-style BBQ in 2014 when he clinched first-place on Destination America network’s reality competition show, “BBQ Pitmasters.” Up in Smoke BBQ Co., Junior’s family run catering company serving Texas’ Permian Basin and beyond, has been running at full speed, routinely providing complete catering services for up to four jobs per day.  His success is the result of a lot

Boomerang BBQ is on fire heading into the American Royal

Matt and Sarah Walker have been on a hot streak this season, but as they head into the American Royal, Matt isn’t letting the strength of Boomerang BBQ’s performance this year go to his head. Matt is keeping his eyes on a bright light in the distance: the spotlight of a world championship title. “I want to win, I want to be a world champion,” he said about competing in the 2018 American Royal World Series of Barbecue with his

B&B Charcoal becomes the Official Charcoal of the IBCA

"They've been a really good group for us," B&B Charcoal Sales and Marketing Director Joey Machado said about the IBCA on a recent episode of The BBQ Central Show. "That's where I got my cooking start. And I love that group to death." The IBCA was founded 30 years ago in Texas with the goal of providing uniform cook-off rules that are "fair and user friendly for the cooks." There are now more than 700 members in the Houston-based organization.

B&B is the Official Charcoal of the Steak Cookoff Association

We are proud to be the Official Charcoal of the Steak Cookoff Association. There's many reasons why top steak cooking competitors prefer using all-natural Better Burning charcoal and wood products — they cook hotter, longer and cleaner. “B&B Charcoal is made for competition,” said Joey Machado, sales and marketing director. “It’s great for the backyard cook, but it's really specific for a competition environment. These cooks are looking for something that's a clean product, an all-natural product, and something that's

Charcoal chimney becomes a makeshift grill

That's the situation the Cookin' Comedian Vic Clevenger found himself in when visiting Seattle recently for Grillfest Northwest. Vic was there to emcee the event, so he didn't haul a grill from his home of Florida to Washington. But it wasn't long after the event started that the cook started itching to join in on the city's first Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) sanctioned competition. It was Grillfest Northwest co-organizer Saffron Hodgson who helped inspire Vic with an epiphany: why not

What is BBQ in Australia?

Barbecue culture in Australia in the last 5 years has seen a huge change, Australia has fallen in love with American style barbecue and the art of low and slow. More and more Aussies are opting for flavour over sleep, spending endless hours tending to their fires. It wasn’t too long ago that asking your local butcher for a ‘brisket’ or a ‘pork butt’ would only get you a very confused look and have you leaving wondering where you were going to get your meat

Charcoal vs Lump

Briquette Charcoal - This product is uniform and burns evenly and consistently making it a great choice for smokers and precise cooking when you want to remove some variables and know what to expect. Examples of this may be counting out the number of briquettes into a smoker, some recipes and manufacture descriptions will actually provide this information. From this you have an expected burn temperature, and burn time. Similarly with Dutch ovens you can place a specific count of