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B&B Bucket Lists

A few years ago there was a popular movie about a man who chased his bucket list and then found a friend who shared his passion for the challenging. The two endeavored to build their friendship while planning the ultimate bucket list quest, climb Mt. Everest. This movie struck a chord with a lot of people, so much so, everyone started creating their lists and pursuing them with great passion. I even heard of an eight-year-old boy whose bucket list

Becoming a Sommelier of Wood

I was having dinner recently at a local restaurant when I noticed something I’d seen many times before at many restaurants. But, for whatever reason on this visit, it just hit me: there was a wine recommendation for each dish. The sommelier looked at each of the chef’s offerings then decided this wine or that wine would be the best accent to this particular dish. “Try this Rosé with your seafood paella which is rich with flavor. You’ll get the

This Ain’t Your Dad’s Charcoal…But It Should Be

Growing up, my backyard grilling experience was much like yours, I’m sure. Any outdoor cooking which took place was done by my dad, mainly in the summer with a limited menu of hamburgers and hotdogs. When it came to seasoning the burgers, the ole standby of salt and pepper was readily used by this backyard chef with the least expensive charcoal on the least expensive grill. If you’re reading this then you know a lot has changed when it comes

All About Hickory Wood

Hickory wood has become one of the most popular hardwoods for cooking in the country for its strong, smoky aroma. It goes especially well with meats like pork ribs.  You might have been cooking with hickory for years, but how much do you know about hickory? Though many refer to any type of hickory as a singular wood, hickories are a big family — with many varieties. B&B produces a unique blend of different hickories in its hickory products, all

How to Store Charcoal

  Storing charcoal in a cool, dry place is so important because direct sunlight is another enemy. Charcoal is created from wood chunks or particles that have been super-heated to leech all the moisture and hydrogen out of them. The shelf life of good charcoal is indefinite if it’s stored in a way that avoids moisture or a lot of sunlight. Charcoal of a lesser quality can even be stored up to two years. If you buy a bag of

How To Start a Fire for BBQ

Legendary pitmaster "Big" Moe Cason demonstrates how to start a fire for your barbecue pit that burns great in this video presented by Academy Sports + Outdoors. Whether you're using a Kamado-style grill or an offset stick smoker, you'll find this technique works well for the everyday cookout. First, fill your charcoal chimney with B&B Charcoal lump or briquettes. Whichever type of B&B Charcoal you choose, you will always get the all-natural, clean burn for your fire that you expect

#BBCHARCOAL: Social Media Shout-Outs – November 2018

Here are some photos recently shared to social media with the #bbcharcoal hashtag. Use #bbcharcoal on your posts to share your own live-fire fun. You could be featured right here on this blog or on our social channels. Search the hashtag on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to explore the myriad ways you can use the Better Burning charcoal. Don't forget to follow @bbcharcoal on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.   Jay Tinney - Tinney Barbecue (@jaytinney) B&B Charcoal ambassador Jay Tinney

How to Make Brisket Burnt Ends Perfectly, Every Time

When making Brisket Burnt Ends, B&B Pro Team member Darian Kosmo advises to make sure to use just the point, not the flat. If you can't find a point, ask your local butcher to prepare it for you. If you can, grab a few from your butcher, have them vacuum sealed and prepare a few over time. "Go to your butcher and say, 'Hey man, I need a brisket point. Don't trim on it. Just cut it off and give

Charcoal Flavor Chart

B&B Charcoal, no matter the form, is a versatile fuel suitable for just about any BBQ situation. As you can see in the Charcoal Flavor Chart above, B&B Charcoal products work especially well with beef, pork, poultry, fish, lamb, game and vegetables. Lump Charcoal Lump charcoal is compatible with just about any grill or smoker, including horizontal or vertical offset smokers, ceramic round smokers, or the classic kettle grill. Mild oak and hardwood lump charcoal, as well as the stronger

Premium Wood Pellet Grill Fuel Flavor Chart

B&B Charcoal's Premium Wood Pellet Grill Fuel is perfect for BBQ meats, cheeses and vegetables, and offers an extensive flavor palette. In addition to being suitable for use on all wood pellet grills and smokers, wood pellets can also be added to hardwood and charcoal fires, providing an enhanced wood smoke flavor to any BBQ experience. For a well-rounded approach, B&B recommends its Championship Blend and mesquite flavors, on the strong side, or the oak wood pellets if you’re looking

Kiln Dried Grill Wood Flavor Chart

When it comes kiln-dried wood, it’s all about pairings. Kiln-dried wood is most suitable for vertical and horizontal offset smokers and grills, kettle grills and the traditional fire pit. Whatever flavors you prefer, there's a B&B Charcoal kiln-dried wood product for your palate. Many Flavor Profiles Available Mild post oak, with its subtle flavor profile, delivers a many-sided, medium flavor with a profile suitable for beef, pork, poultry, fish, game, lamb, corn or even cheese. Kiln-dried hickory is strong and

Team B&B Dominates at the World Food Championships

Top cooks who use all-natural B&B Charcoal to make their dishes, include the newly crowned World Food Championships 2018 World BBQ Champion team BBQ Wiesel, from Germany. B&B was also the fuel for them at Memphis in May, The Jack, the American Royal World Series of Barbecue and more. World Barbecue Champion BBQ Wiesel, led by Oliver Sievers, used B&B Charcoal to cook their winning recipe: Lamb T-Bone with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. Teams like BBQ Wiesel trust their